In an increasingly globalised world, the exchange of information is instant and borderless.


In line with Hwa Chong Institution’s mission to nurture leaders, the clear and comprehensive understanding of salient events and issues is crucial – both in and out of the classroom. It is essential that students are equipped with the skills to interpret, analyse, and evaluate the news they read within the accompanying local and global contexts.

Our goal is to nurture students who can engage with news in critical and creative ways while being able to express themselves clearly. Thus, the Current Affairs Debates embodies this immense need for engagement by nurturing articulate studentswho understand core ethical dimensions surrounding salient issues and are critically aware of happenings taking place in Singapore and around the world.

The Current Affairs Debates aims to:

a. Groom confident citizens who are aware of global issues and who are ready to engage in active debate on salient world affairs.

b. Encourage students to read extensively and be knowledgeable about pertinent issues affecting society at large, both within a local and a global context.

c. Encourage students to confidently express their views regarding these issues and be open to acquire more knowledge and alternative insights through the ensuing dialogue.

d. Foster analytical skills that will be applicable to students in the future working world.

e. Cultivate confident oral communication with the articulate voicing of opinions and foster an open environment for authentic conversations between students and stakeholders.