The summary of a few big stories you should never miss:

Local News

The Little India Riot – Is the import of immigrant workers more of a boon than a bane?

Budget 2014 – A summary of the Singapore Budget 2014.

Review of Section 377A

Haze– Can more be done to put an end to the situation permanently?

Applied Study in Polytechnics and ITE Review – Alternative routes to success

Paying tribute to the pioneer generation

Improving public transport

Making CPF more flexible

International News

Unfortunate year for the aviation Industry:

Disappearance of flight MH 370

Crash of flight Q8501

Tragic loss of MH 17

Sydney terrorist attack– The fight against terrorism

Russian invasion of Ukraine

ISIS uprising – A new threat to global peace

Michael Brown shooting – Racism still a current and serious issue in the US

Leaked celebrity nude photos – Is privacy a privilege in modern times?

Ebola epidemic